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Our Refugee Bakery in Uganda

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The First Adama Foundation Bakery Opens in Oruchinga!

The Adamâ Foundation, in partnership with the Lighthouse Peace Initiative, is building bakeries in the Oruchinga and Nakivale settlements in Uganda. The Adamâ Foundation’s intention is to build bakeries in refugee camps and other places of need around the world. We believe in the power of breadmaking to nourish, heal, restore and build community.

The following testimony is from Jeffrey Hamelman, master baker, on the opening of the Oruchinga bakery.

"I recently returned from Uganda, where I spent two weeks with another American baker, Sara Molinaro, training about 20 members of the Oruchinga Refugee Settlement to become bakers. These people have next to nothing, except their hopes and their undiminished innate dignity, and have escaped unspeakable horrors in their native countries. The trainees began with absolutely no baking experience. Seeing their daily skills progress was an immense joy, and when they sold the first breads, on the ninth day of training, it was a time of rejoicing.

The genesis for creating this bakery (and others that will follow) came from Ayelet Berman-Cohen of Los Angeles, who established the Adama Foundation to fund them. On the ground in Uganda are two exceptional women who are part of the daily operation: Angella Kushemererwa and Sophie Karungi. All three of these women are absolute pillars of strength and commitment.

The goals of the bakery are clear: to empower people, mostly women, with skills that will enable them to earn a livelihood; to become a focal point for the community; and to feed the most vulnerable refugees—the children.”

Bread from the Adama Bakery is already making its way deep into the Oruchinga Camp, home to over 7000 refugees from many different parts of Africa.

This is from Kareem, an 18-year-old refugee who lost his family to violence in Congo.“I am happy now that I spend most of my days baking and my nights are peaceful. I thank the bakers who have trained us.They have contributed so much to my trauma healing. Above all, I have found a family in Adama."

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